Equine Body Work
What Techniques are used?


EQUI-BOW — The Equi-Bow technique is a gentle and powerful therapeutic tool designed to improve the balance and well being of the horse. This method addresses the bodys’ connective tissue (fascia) through gentle myofascial release and neuromuscular pathway repatterning; allowing release, relaxation and rehydration of the tissues. This promotes the horses natural predisposition of a balanced and able body.

REIKI — Reiki translates as “universal life force energy” and is a holistic energy healing technique from Japan. Reiki treatments balance the energy flow of chakras and meridians throughout the body. These non-invasive sessions help to promote relaxation and overall balance.

**Sessions in no way replace veterinary advice. We always suggest that you contact your veterinarian with any concerns that you have. We are happy to be a part of your horses’ care team and will gladly consult with your veterinarian upon request.**

Promoting balance of body, mind and energy for the equine athlete and companion.


About Jorden
Services Offered

Equi-Bow Session

Up to 55 mins


Travel rates apply beyond 20 km from Puslinch, ON. Rates are within MTO standards. This fee can be shared between multiple clients at one location.
Payment is due at time of service; we accept cash, cheque, PayPal or e-transfer.

Reiki Session

Up to 55 mins


Basic Balance Connection

Reiki chakra alignment & Equi-Bow basic body balance. Up to 45 mins


Deluxe Balanced Energy Session

Reiki chakra alignment & full Equi-Bow session customized to address your horses tension. Up to 75 mins


Our Clients

Balenced Energy & Body Work

Jorden Maclean

Certified Equi-bow Practitioner, Reiki Master

Call: (905) 546-PONY {905-546-7669}